Dr. Jordan Buchko  MD, FRCSC          

  Orthopaedic Surgeon - Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine 

New Consultation

We look forward to seeing you at your new consultation with Dr. Jordan Buchko. There are generally two types of outpatient consultations that occur: elective and non-elective. Please see below for more information on each type of consultation. (Note that Dr. Buchko also does inpatient/emergency on-call consultations - if your injury is one that usually requires urgent surgery, or the emergency/attending physician thinks you should be seen right away, he will see you directly in the emergency room or on the hospital ward). 

New Consultation - Elective


An elective consult is one in which you saw your family physician, chiropractor, or nurse practitioner about a specific issue, and they have referred you to Dr. Buchko for assessment.  Usually these consultations take place at our office

Some important information:

  • X-rays are to be completed at Radiology Associates of Regina at least 1 hour prior to your appointment

      (if required).  There are 3 locations in Regina.  Click here for a map of locations.

  • Complete the new patient form and email back to our office or bring the completed form to your appointment.
  • Please wear or bring the appropriate attire to your appointment:

  knee issue: shorts
  hip/pelvis issue: shorts or stretchy pants (yoga pants, track pants, sweats)

          shoulder/elbow issue: tank top (females)

  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your appointment time.
  • Please refrain from wearing perfumes or colognes to your appointment.
  • You will receive a confirmation call from our office 1-2 days prior to your appointment.


New Consultation - Non-Elective

If you were seen in the emergency department or walk-in clinic and diagnosed with an acute fracture, dislocation, or similar injury, this constitutes a non-elective or on call consult.  Dr. Buchko will generally see you within 1-2 weeks of the injury, although this can vary from the next day up to 3-4 weeks after.   Please be assured that Dr. Buchko will review your diagnosis and images right after he receives the referral and will triage your consultation appropriately.  Please give our office a few days from the time of injury to contact you, but if you have not heard anything by that point then please contact us to inquire as to when your appointment will be (as sometimes the paperwork can get lost and we do not receive the referral).  These consultations generally take place in the Ambulatory Care Department at the Pasqua Hospital.  Head in the main doors and take a left past the Robin's Donuts and you will see the sign for Ambulatory Care.  Here is a map to help you find your way.