Dr. Jordan Buchko  MD, FRCSC          

  Orthopaedic Surgeon - Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine 

Frequently Asked Questions

I have been referred to Dr. Buchko. What do I need to know prior to my appointment?

What do I need to know about my upcoming surgery?

I have been given a surgical date, but now have developed a cold. What should I do?

Do you perform total hip or total knee replacements? Why not?

I have hip or knee arthritis, will you still see me?

Do you perform total shoulder replacements?

When can I drive after my surgery?

What about medical insurance forms?

My family doctor said they were referring me to Dr. Buchko.  However. it has been a couple of weeks and I have not heard anything from Dr. Buchko’s office yet.  Should I be concerned?

Why can I not book a follow-up a couple months in advance?  Why do I have to call one month ahead to schedule my follow-up?   Can you call me to book my follow-up visit in 3 months?

I had my MRI but Dr. Buchko has not contacted me about the results.  Did he forget about me?

How come it takes so long to get in to see Dr. Buchko?

I have been sitting here waiting to see Dr. Buchko for 40 minutes.  What is taking so long?

I am seeing Dr. Buchko about my shoulder, but I also have a sore knee.  Can he look at that as well?

Dr. Buchko has booked me for surgery. When will my surgery be?

Will medical students or residents be involved in my care?

Why must I drop off the disc containing my previous x-rays a week in advance of my scheduled appointment? Why can I not just bring the x-ray disc to my appointment?

I already had x-rays taken when I saw my family physician. Why does Dr. Buchko want me to go for more x-rays? Does he not care how much radiation exposure I have?

Can I be put on the surgical waiting list before I see Dr. Buchko?

Can a physiotherapist refer me to Dr. Buchko?

How old is Dr. Buchko? Is he even qualified?